By Nicholas Maingi


I am writing this after three days ago when I passed by a nursery school in South B and heard the teacher teaching out loud, “There are seven days in a week…Monday…Tuesday…Wednesday…Thursday…Friday…Saturday and SUNDAY!!!” And the melody and innocent rhythm would continue in an undefined pattern. The teacher would gradually coax each one of them according to their pronunciation of the days.

What confounded me is not the energy in those little angels but the naivety in them. This did not only took me back in the days when i was in Child Welfare but made me think what will my children’s generation tempo will be like if not like those of Dufla or King kaka, only God knows.

I am speculating that everybody or most of the people including our digital children roughly knows what every single day of the week means but if you are still in the analogue system which is obsolete am going strike-through them very fast.

Photo courtesy of Irene Mwaragu

Man Crush Monday

Hip-Hop Tuesday

Woman Crush Wednesday

Throw Back Thursday

Members Day Friday

Going Out Saturday

Thanks Giving Sunday

There you have it folks, my only worry is if our children will grow up with this kind of information where will they be heading? Keep your answer. Would you like see your child posting different his or her WCW or MCM in either case in their social media? That one I need an answer. Do we need a solution, yes we do. Where do we find a solution to curb this phenomena…I have some few.

First you have to keep all the smartphones away from your child before the age of 18.

Second, remind your child of your old memories and how you were taught in those days.

Take time your time to teach your own child, don’t leave all the parenting to the teacher.

If you have to bought your child a phone make sure it does not access to the internet or a qwerty keypad

Am not saying that the new rap of the week is bad but my idea is to try and minimize the level of immorality in our future children. Am not dedicating article to our parents but those parents who were born in the nineties, so do me a favor please. Think about it.




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