By Nicholas Maingi

Dear Future girlfriend if you want to get along with a journalist, a blogger and all that stuff here are few things you might want to keep in mind.

You may not like my articles, but just pretend to read along. I will write some articles how beautiful I think you are and when I am in the studio please stop blowing my phone and so many please call me. Give me some room and I will be home very soon.

I love when you are part of my audience, recording a reality TV show and I  see you seated at the very third raw but after the show you see me talking to this chiq not because I’m a player but it is because I just trying to create some fans and followers on my website and social media as well as they support me in my work so don’t overreact am not getting their pants, we shall go home together.

If you can get over the past that am always busy and going places, our chats will never be boring and I can serenade you every night and watch our favorite series I guess Empire 9… and keep up with my horror movies.


just hoping she looks like this.


There you will get a lot of backstage passes because of me but I promise you one day you will meet my mentor Johnson Mwakazi. I swear I am moving up, but when it is getting rough there will be a time when I think my articles don’t make sense just tell me you are my biggest fan and you might need to hold my hand.

I know some day I will be cashing in some dollars but if that is what you are after darling, it is probably best ujikate  (you move along). This article can be of help to those want to date people like us but you should reconsider if you are out of your mind.

Dear, if you can ignore my job description I can still be home and cook you dinner every once in a while. You might get bored of me talking to myself while trying to compose something in my mind but I can get down one knee and give you flowers or maybe chocolates a dozen roses.

If you are not sick of my voice yet dear, I know am not perfect but I know how to treat you right whoa! Lastly honey I might not have a trust fund at Faulu Bank or an investment at Murata Sacco but I swear I will always keep you warm at night plus I write love poems for a living that means am so romantic as…




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