By Nicholas Maingi

Getting the right girl is always determined by your ability to read and analyze them. Girls, I have come to realize are very  complicated creatures who just like finer things in life, to be  loved and have a strong sense of fashion. Today I will teach you how to profile a citygirl, right from the shoe she wears, to how she talks, and even where you can find her.

The Straight From Shags Girls: This are types of girls are very humble, innocent, naive, naturally beautiful  and sometimes ‘pure’. They wear no make ups and nor shoes and can embarrass you once in a while  (sorry for the truth). They are very simple the maximum money they can ask from you is just 50bob which you can guess the use and some few ngumu and dusura (famous snacks in shags) And nothing less than that. You will them in the outcast of those rural places that you have no idea of.

The City-Shag girl: This ones are pretenders, they try to chip in the city life and compete with citygirl but she comes from those only God places judging from her look that she has uneven skin tone because she does not know which make up to  use and also her body shes looks like a punching bag because she is trying a dress she saw worn by size eight and thought she looked the same.She is very aggressive and nagging and asks for too much to keep up the trend which she can never make. I don’t have much for her.

photo courtesy

The GhettoGirl: A ghetto girl is understanding. She knows almost about everything and every situation in life.She wears cheap plastics shoes and some tops from Gikomba market but still looks good. She massages your ego.She is respectful but when you close her line you will see fire! She only ask when  there is need be. You will find her relaxing at her hood in those congested gated communities I will not name.

The Real CityGirl: A city girl is so proud.I don’t understand why most of them have a light skin with cute faces painted with make ups and  coca cola body shape. They wore expensive tight transparent skirts and dresses. Most of them are social media big-wins and hashtag princess with a complicated lifestyle. They also have sponsors and several boyfriends so if they ask you for something and you don’t have it they go to the next. She loves to party and takes beer and smoking  shisha. She also talks in an unknown ascent and you will find her whining along  the few known estates.Be the judge.



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