You may not have been single all your life and we all need love but I realized there comes certain advantages that comes with not having a lover. Look at the reasons below and tell me if am right.

1. You can sleep well.

2.You can save time and money.

3. No worries about how you look.

4.No miss calls in the midnight.

5.No need to recharge more than twice a day.

we all need someone.

6. You can talk to all boys/girls.

7. You can eat well.

8. No scoldings from parents/guardians.

9. Can eat in any restaurant.

10. You can visit any body.

11. Can pick any call, any time without being

12. Don’t worry about missed calls.

13. You can do whatever u want.

14. You don’t need to displease yourself to
please anyone.

Remember we all need someone to love and affection. And I know you have kept some hope to somebody. Relax take it easy and be the judge. 



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